Rai Din Thai Sprouted Black Rice Powder



Reviving Humanity’s Relationship with

Nature’s Most Complete Food




the Father of Medicine is attributed to have said “Let food be thy medicine and

medicine be thy food” over 2,400 years ago.




Yet today, science is only just beginning to discover the many medicinal, nutritional and health benefits contained in sprouted black rice


Rai Din Thai manufacturers sprouted black rice powder grown organically, high in the hills in Northern Thailand.
It evolved out of the Black Rice Project founded by Michael Thelen, with the goal of providing Nature’s
Most Complete Food to the world, in its culturally correct form.

Our desire to provide the full value of this ancient treasure, required that we honor traditional methods
of growing and consumption, along with modern scientific preservation techniques.

The result is an easy to consume powder that does not need cooking, with all the natural and nutritional complexity that Nature intended.

What did these ancient civilisations know, that modern science is only just beginning to understand?

For centuries, Asian cultures have understood that black rice was the key to good health and longevity. In fact the rulers of early Chinese dynasties referred to it as Forbidden Rice or the Emperor’s Rice, as it was strictly reserved for the Emperor, to ensure a long and healthy life.

After trying black rice in the mountains of Thailand, Rai Din Thai’s late founder Michael Thelen, dreamt of creating an all natural, sprouted Superfood, that required no cooking in order to retain all the antioxidants and anthocyanins which are normally destroyed by heat.

In 2017 he founded Rai Din Thai (meaning Fertile Thai Soil), and today Rai Din Thai is the premium manufacturer of freeze dried, organic, Sprouted Black Rice Powder, with no cooking required.

Mike was convinced that freeze dried Sprouted Black Rice Powder was the ultimate health food of the future, that offered Nature’s Most Complete Food, to the world in its culturally correct form, just as nature intended.

Northern Thai farmer wearing a traditional Mau-Hom shirt


Sprouting black rice, neutralises the phytic acid, which enables all the nutrients and minerals to be more easily absorbed

Mike researched the incredible health benefits that organic, sprouted black rice provides, and relentlessly pioneered the product’s development

There is now a lot of emerging scientific evidence to support its efficacy in the treatment of inflammation, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, weight management, and certain types of cancer you can read about here.

Rai Din Thai’s Sprouted Black Rice Powder is deep purple in colour, as it is nutrient and anthocyanin rich. It is gluten free, low in fat, very low in sugar (only 0.75g/100g), yet high in protein, iron, potassium, vitamins B1 and B2, amino acids, fiber and bursting with antioxidants and anthocyanins.

It’s particularly suitable for vegetarians and vegans, as once sprouted the phytic acid is neutralised improving the assimilation of key minerals, especially iron, calcium and zinc. If you would like a recent independent lab analysis you can request one here.

Our Sprouted Black Rice Powder is nutrient and protein dense, and is perfect for food manufacturers to enrich their products

We provide Sprouted Black Rice Powder in bulk to our manufacturing clients to utilize in their own product formulations. Our powder is  nutrient and protein dense, and is perfect for food manufacturers to enrich their products.

Rai Din Thai’s clients use  Sprouted Black Rice Powder to increase the nutritional benefits of their products in cereals, yogurts, beverages, cookies, shakes, smoothies, ice cream, energy bars, snack foods, and other packaged foods.

If you are in the health food, nutraceutical, weight loss, antioxidant, anthocyanin, or anti-inflammatory formulation business, partner with us to learn how Rai Din Thai’s organic Sprouted Black Rice Powder can add key nutrients, protein, vitamins, antioxidants, and anthocyanins to your next new product development.

Nutrient Rich

Deep purple Sprouted Black Rice Powder is a high-quality source of anthocyanins, antioxidants, protein, iron and vitamins B1 and B2

Typical small Thai farm, high in the mountains, growing organic black rice

The correct geography is a key component in creating the distinction between the far superior nutrition of black rice and the basic properties of white rice

Rai Din Thai’s organic, sprouted black rice powder has nearly 4 times the level of protein than white rice.

It’s organically grown, at over 500 m, in a valley between 2 mountain ranges, near Wiang Pa Pao, as it requires cooler night-time temperatures, and fertile soil found at higher elevations in the mountainous areas of Northern Thailand.

This produces a nutritionally dense Sprouted Black Rice Powder with unique health, nutrition and anti-inflammatory  properties.


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    Ben Fitts

“Our vision will be complete when our efforts are able to address worldwide famine relief with this super functional food.”

Mike Thelen –  Founder of Rai Din Thai Co Ltd